Shredding Services

St. Louis Record Center offers services for your Paper Shredding & Hard Drive Destruction needs. Serving all of the Greater St. Louis and Illinois area with professional, secure, dependable document destruction services. We offer onsite and offsite services and guarantee that when you utilize our services, no legible piece of paper or electronic device will leave our hands without being destroyed.

  • Business & Residential document shredding in the Greater St. Louis, MO area
  • Regularly scheduled paper shredding in St. Louis, MO
  • On-site shredding services in St. Louis, MO
  • I can honestly say that St. Louis Record Center exceeds all expectations in both their costs and quality. They accurately store and retrieve all boxes that we keep at their facility. Nothing has ever been lost or misplaced for any amount of time. Their staff is both pleasant and friendly on a daily basis. We switched vendors years ago due to their competitive rates. Our operating costs with them have helped our business plan meet the CFO’s budgetary standards each year. I will continue to do business with St. Louis Record Center.

    Hospital Health Information Management Director St. Louis, MO
  • Excellent customer service. Excellent response time. Excellent care. Excellent value.

    Legal Administrator Clayton, MO
  • It is a pleasure to recommend St. Louis Record Center as a valuable tool for any business that is responsible for maintaining customer records. Our company is very pleased with the courteous and expeditious service that we receive from Sean and the entire staff.

    Legal Administrator Clayton, MO
  • We have nothing but great things to say about St. Louis Record Center! From their prompt service to their friendly, competent staff we trust them completely with our storage needs.

    Senior Living Firm Administrator Chesterfield, MO


Asked Questions

How Do I Set Up A Records Management Program?

The professionals at St. Louis Record Center can help.  Call us at (314) 535-0016 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

What If I Need A File Or Carton Immediately?

St. Louis Record Center offers rush deliveries 24/7. Your records are always available to you.

Why Can't I Just Store My Records At My Office?

This is always an option. It is best to consult with a professional and determine what your growth needs will be in order to keep your costs down and stay “ahead of the curve”. It may be that you are already paying too much to keep your records at your office.

Won't It Cost More To Store My Records Off-Site?

There are many factors which determine your costs. The only way to know if off-site records management will be a cost-savings measure is to consult with a professional.

Is It Cost-Prohibitive To Transfer My Cartons From My Current Provider If I Am Not Satisfied With Their Level Of Service And/Or Pricing?

The only way to know the answer to this question is to consult with a professional from St. Louis Record Center who can help you with a cost-benefit analysis. Our professionals can also design very creative methods to mitigate the costs associated with transferring your cartons if that seems the best option. Our professionals will always provide honest advice regarding your situation.

Questions To Ask a Records

Management Provider

Are They Professional?

Do they know the records management industry and the various technologies available? Do they understand the specific needs of your company and your industry and the regulations that may govern it (e.g., HIPAA, etc.)? Do they offer a fee schedule that is easy to understand and compare to other vendors?

Can They Deliver On Promises?

Are they promising more than they can actually deliver? Are they providing the level of cost-savings and efficiency that was promised? Are they doing a better job than your previous vendor or your in-house staff could do?

Will They Adapt To Your Needs?

Are they willing to create a program tailored to your specific needs or do they ask you to adapt to a system they already have in place? Do they offer methods to simplify your processes or do they actually add to your workload?

What Do Their Clients Say About Them?

Check references and ask hard questions. Find out how they handle problems that arise. Ask if they experience price increases consistently. Try to speak to the “front-line” people that deal with the vendor on a daily basis.

Will They Deliver The Level Of Customer Service You Require?

Are they as responsive once you become a client as they were when you were a prospective client? Are you able to speak with a person or do you have to maneuver through an automated phone system when you call their office?